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The waste disposal and remediation field is becoming increasingly complex. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for managing waste or mitigating risk. Each challenge requires the right combination of regulatory compliance, sustainability and safety measures — tailored to each specific situation.

That’s where Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. (EWMI) excels. As your full-service environmental management partner, we bring unique value-added benefits to projects of all sizes. We take an innovative approach to waste transportation and disposal, demolition, decommissioning and remediation — all supported by our unwavering focus on safety.

But it’s not just about addressing problems when they arise. By thinking and planning ahead, we are able to anticipate and avert potential issues. This foresight, and the ability to prevent problems before they occur, is what sets EWMI apart from other waste management resources.

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EWMI is affiliated with the leading quality assurance networks for contractors. That lets you know that we’re safe, qualified and environmentally responsible.

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At all times, EWMI maintains the highest level of health and safety standards. We ensure that there is a course of action in place to reduce incidents — on every job, every day.

In today’s world, companies need to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster. RRI provides a NO COST, NO HASSLE emergency response contract with guaranteed locked-in pricing so your company knows who to call.


EWMI has been providing services for years. Within the field of environmental management, EWMI sets the standard for full service from remediation to lab pack to emergency services. As an employee-owned company, you can be assured of a vested interest in the success of our client partnership.

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Case Studies

Our staff of highly trained professionals are specialists in the industries they serve—veterans at tailoring our services to your specific requirements. As the case studies below illustrate, EWMI has built up a vast reservoir of experience in virtually every area of environmental management.

Your full-service environmental management partner

Innovative approaches and value-added benefits tailored to every job.

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Rapid Response Inc. provides immediate response to any emergency — from cargo recovery, oil spills, and chemical leaks to any type of release. RRI

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