Transportation and Disposal

Minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency

The costs associated with transportation and disposal can add up quickly. Efficiency matters: You want to minimize the number of trips and make the most of every bit of space. At EWMI, we get it. 

That’s why we have a state-of-the-art fleet to cost-effectively address any need. EWMI is fully equipped to facilitate the transportation and disposal of drums, cubic yard boxes, totes, roll-offs, dumptrailers and bulk liquid tankers. You can also count on us to remove, transport and dispose of hazardous wastes and petroleum products in your tanks, as well as dispose of the containers themselves. Wherever there is waste, we will remove and dispose of the materials and ensure complete decontamination of the site. 

Not only is our pricing for these services competitive, we guarantee a quick response to your needs. That’s because EWMI maintains its own fleet of trucks, fully permitted (EPA ID# PAR000501577) for the transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

EWMI utilizes:

  • Vans/box trailers
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum insulated tankers
  • Bulk tankers
  • Stake trucks
  • Freight vans
  • Roll-offs/hoppers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Dump trailers

Call on us to dispose of virtually any hazardous and non-hazardous waste:

Customer Service
  • Team of industry leaders in the environmental field
  • Responsive, personal, fast and easy service
  • Technical services to assist client in difficult environmental waste disposal options no matter how large the project
  • Professional services, profiles, Form U, EPA ID numbers
  • Computer data system to manage client’s waste profiles, inventory, and annual reporting
  • Professional drivers experienced in DOT, and EPA/RCRA regulations
  • Organized and well maintained equipment to transport your waste to final disposal
  • Permitted to haul hazardous waste in over 10 states
  • Permitted Infectious chemotherapeutic waste transporter
  • Trained DEA transporter
Lab Pack Services
  • Experienced, degreed chemists to service your lab pack needs
  • Site inspections, safety, compliance
  • EWMI lab pack chemists will identify, segregate your chemical inventory for safe reliable cost saving measures
  • Chemical laboratory moves, packaging, and safe transport to new location
  • All service conducted with safety being the number one priority

“I will say, I was quite skeptical changing my waste vendor as doing so could open me up to new exposures. However, your professionalism, Waste & DOT knowledge and the constant updates on regulatory and disposal facilities put me at ease. I was also impressed by the amount of information (audits and annual reports) you provided on the Transporter and Disposal sites you use. Our current vendors and other competitors have provided me quotes for my waste and EWMI not only has better pricing but also provides a clearer picture. In fact, I see you more often than any of my waste disposal suppliers and you always answer your phone when I have a question.”

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- EHS/Compliance Manager (Metal Production Facility)

To discuss your transportation and disposal needs, please contact our knowledgeable client services team.