Remediation and Field Services

Combining hands-on experience with state-of-the-art solutions

EWMI offers a complete line of remediation and field services — providing both an onsite and in-house manager for each project. Our experience and commitment to quality have made us a leader in the remediation industry. We utilize the most technologically advanced methods available, always meeting and exceeding all safety and compliance regulations.

A proven and cost-effective approach

EWMI can successfully manage any remediation project, regardless of scope and complexity. We do this through the use of proven and cost-effective solutions, isolating the key issues and eliminating redundant clean-up expenditures.

Furthermore, our combination of hands-on experience and state-of-the-art knowledge gives us a real industry edge. All of our field personnel are 40-hour OSHA certified and medically monitored annually. Our field crews always consist of EWMI employees, allowing for the positive and proven results of true teamwork.

Our services include:

Site Remediation
  • Buried drum identification and removal
  • CERCLA (Superfund) site remediation
  • Contaminated soil remediation
  • Earthwork site preparation
  • Onsite soil stabilization
  • Remediation for real estate developers
  • Stream remediation and restoration
  • Brownfield restoration
  • Wetland construction and remediation
Capping and Closures
  • Capping projects
  • Contaminant strategies using low-permeability boundaries
  • Lagoon closures
  • Landfill caps / upgrades / closures
Facility Decontamination
  • Cleaning and removal of piping systems
  • Cleaning and closure of plating line
  • Facility closure/decommissioning
  • Facility decontaminating
  • Underground and above-ground tank cleaning
In-situ / Ex-situ Augmentation
  • Groundwater and mobile water treatment systems
  • Groundwater treatment and product recovery
  • In-situ/ex-situ stabilization and solidification
  • Oil/water separation and filtration
Specialized Emergency Services
  • On-site thermal treatment of RCRA/TSCA, petroleum and coal tar contaminated soils
  • PCB management – transformer retrofill
  • Rapid response studies for uncontrolled spills of hazardous materials
  • Subsurface exploration programs and contamination assessment studies
  • Thermal desorption

Case Studies

To discuss your remediation and field services needs, please contact our knowledgeable client services team.