Demolition and Decommissioning

Maximizing assets, minimizing costs

EWMI’s facility decommissioning program begins with a detailed assessment of building materials. This includes calculating quantities of recyclable metals, masonry materials, salvageable equipment and non-recyclable building debris. The revenues generated from the sale of the assets often reduce, eliminate or potentially exceed the cost of actual removal and demolition.

Our Demolition and Decommissioning Division will safely and cost-effectively demolish the structure, then sell the recoverable assets on the open market for their highest value. By partnering with its clients, EWMI assists with maximizing the asset revenue stream, and minimizing the demolition field cost and performance schedule.

Our services include:

  • Building demolition
  • Concrete crushing
  • Emergency and insurance demolition
  • Interior dismantlement
  • Structural demolition
Industrial Services/Waste Minimization
  • Facility decontamination
  • Pipe decontamination, cleaning and removal
  • Pit, drain, tank and vessel cleaning and removal
  • Asset recovery and management
  • Asset loss prevention and theft deterrent
  • Ballast removal and recycling
  • Bulb removal and recycling
  • CFC reclamation
Project Management
  • Highest health and safety ratings
  • Maximize recycling opportunities
  • Meet critical time schedules
  • On-site field operations
  • Permits
  • Subcontractor scheduling and management
  • Excavation of subsurface structure
  • Site restoration
Transportation and Disposal
  • Handling of various generated industrial wastes
  • Waste approvals
  • In-house logistics and tracking
  • In-house team of experts dedicated to transportation & disposal

Case Studies

To discuss your demolition and decommissioning needs, please contact our knowledgeable client services team.