In today’s world, companies need to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster situations. Rapid Response Inc. (RRI), a sister company to EWMI, provides immediate response to any emergency — from oil spills to chemical leaks to any type of release.

Rapid Response Inc. – What was the situation?

On an early November morning in Bethlehem PA, a crash involved an overturned tanker in a residential neighborhood hauling fuel. The truck was actively leaking when first responders were called to the scene. The truck lost all its contents, which was 6,000 gallons of gasoline and 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel. The contents proceeded directly into a storm drain. The storm drain ran underground and above ground running 3 blocks down a residential roadway. It then entered another storm drain and ended up in a runoff catch basin along Rt378 in Bethlehem.

What services did Rapid Response Inc. provide?

This project is ongoing due to the fast migration of the spill. A dam was built to stop the product from proceeding into a nearby creek, and all the roadways / storm drains were cleaned and flushed out. A semi-permanent underflow dam was built to replace the sand dam in the catch basin, and a Water Treatment system was installed to treat all the water flowing into the catch basin.

Once the delineation is completed, Rapid Response anticipates excavating an area approximately 700ft long by 20ft wide of soil and debris from the catch basin along Rt 378. This equates to approximately 600 cubic yards of soil. Along with this excavation, another excavation is needed along the roadway where the fuel first ran free. Two intersections of roadway will be excavated and replaced by Rapid Response.

When time is of the essence:

Because disaster preparedness is critical today, Rapid Response Inc. and EWMI are Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) certified.

  • Immediate response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Coverage for all types of emergencies
    from Level D to Level A
  • Fully trained and certified staff and response teams