Beneficial reuse is a hot topic in the environmental management industry, and for good reason. Sustainability, landfill avoidance and low cost are all appealing for waste producers. But did you know that beneficial reuse can actually make your company money? 

Read on to learn more about how EWMI can make you money by finding the best beneficial reuse outlets for your waste.

The Challenge: Disposing of Metal Powders

In 2018, a manufacturer needed to dispose of 525 drums of various metal powders, including copper, cobalt and boron. They contacted several disposal facilities and received a quote for incineration totaling $700,000. 

Disposal of metal powders is notoriously difficult — burning at extremely high temperatures, they are expensive to incinerate, and the potential for landfill fires eliminates traditional disposal options. The client needed an environmental management partner that could think outside the box, so they turned to the experts in beneficial reuse — EWMI

The Solution: EWMI’s Recycling Recommendation 

The company contacted EWMI to research potential outlets for disposal of metal powders. The EWMI team tapped into our wide network of disposal and beneficial reuse facilities and found a metals recycler that wanted the metal powders — and was willing to pay for them.

After locating the perfect home for the metal powder waste, the EWMI team loaded the metal powder drums into tractor trailers, completed manifest paperwork and transported the waste to the beneficial reuse facility. 

The metals recycler provided EWMI with credit for the materials, which EWMI transferred to the client — making the client money instead of costing them money.

Benefitting the Client, Benefitting the Earth

Many waste disposal facilities bid on this job, but EWMI was selected because we could provide the following benefits:

  • Saved client approximately $700,000 by avoiding incineration,
  • Saved the client time by avoiding hazardous waste reporting paperwork,
  • Mitigated pollution and promoted sustainability by recycling rather than incinerating materials, and,
  • Provided the client with money at the end of the job.

EWMI isn’t a disposal facility – we’re a full-service environmental management partner. We can find the perfect match for any client’s waste, no matter how complicated or difficult the disposal may be. If you have a challenging waste stream or disposal project, reach out to the experts in the field, EWMI.