No company wants to deal with the challenging task of wetland restoration. If your business requires wetland restoration, you’ll want to know that the cleanup is handled by the best environmental management company in the industry.

Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc., is well-versed in the complexity of wetland restoration jobs, and will take project management and logistics off your plate – allowing you to relax and take a vacation from your wetland restoration.

Read on to learn more about how EWMI can make your wetland restoration project a breeze.

What was the Situation?

In 2017, a former chemical manufacturing company required remediation efforts including excavation in a creek and flood plains and wetlands restoration. An organic binding pesticide had spread across several acres of the site, migrating off site through a nearby creek.

Prior to beginning the surgical excavation, EWMI cleared about 15 acres of land for large equipment and constructed stabilized across roads to traverse the soft terrain on site. The stream was too large to install a bypass system, so EWMI constructed coffer dams to temporarily divert the water, drying out cells and allowing access the impacted creek bed.

Once the cells were dammed, EWMI removed impacted sediment, performed excavation and backfilled the cells, removed the coffer dams, and moved on to the next area. EWMI performed these tasks within the creek bed, along with the adjacent floodplain and wetland areas, and hauled impacted sediment to impoundment area two miles away.

The team then worked with an engineer to determine the seed mix and required plantings to restore the wetland areas.

What Benefits Did EWMI Provide?

Several environmental management companies bid for the job, but EWMI was selected because we were able to provide the following benefits:

  • Safety as a core company value allowed 28,250 manhours of work with zero injuries or incidents,
  • A cost-competitive bid that put the client’s needs first, and,
  • Comfort with the extremely technical and detailed scope of work involved with the project.

The next time your company is facing a wetland remediation project, do you want it to be complicated, or do you want it to be a breeze? Reach out to EWMI, your full-service environmental management partner. No matter how complex your goals may be, our team will meet them efficiently, safely and at a competitive cost.