Thanks to beneficial reuse, transportation and disposal of waste is a good thing with EWMI. EWMI has worked with an East Coast brewery for five years, beneficially reusing appropriate materials and disposing of the others.

What was the Situation?

In 2014, the brewery contacted EWMI’s sister company, Rapid Response, Inc. (RRI), to handle an ingredient spill. The brewery was so impressed with RRI’s efficiency and professionalism that they decided to utilize EWMI for future environmental management needs, including regularly scheduled transportation and disposal of waste.

Since then, EWMI has handled monthly drum, universal waste and tote pickup for the brewery. While most of the waste is similarly classified, the client occasionally has one-off waste items such as old equipment that needs to be disposed of. EWMI provides creative and cost-effective solutions for disposing of this waste, allowing the client to handoff the waste and focus on their business.

With an eye on sustainability, EWMI found a beneficial reuse outlet for disposing of the client’s diatomaceous earth and purees from the production of fruit-based beverages – helping to save the company money while avoiding landfills and the time-cost associated with waste reporting. The material goes to a local farm for composting.

As a truly full-service environmental management partner, EWMI provides lab pack, emergency response and industrial services in addition to monthly waste transportation and disposal for the client.

In addition to providing these services, EWMI has also collaborated with the client’s state-certified safety committee in joint meetings, helping to identify potential safety innovations and improvements.

What Benefits did EWMI Provide?

EWMI is not a disposal facility – and that’s a good thing. We can find sustainable, highly-vetted disposal outlets to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. In the case of this East Coast brewer, EWMI provided the following value-added services:

  • Strong, diverse disposal options for unique waste streams, saving the client time and money,
  • Safe transportation and disposal that’s always on time and on budget, and,
  • Full-service environmental management partnership

Are you looking for ways to avoid landfills and promote sustainability in your company? Contact EWMI to see what new disposal outlets we can find for your company.