EWMI is not a disposal facility – and that’s a good thing. We can find sustainable disposal outlets to meet the specific needs of our clients. One way we have been doing this is looking at all options for beneficial reuse.

Have you thought about reuse of waste?

Beneficial reuse is a hot topic in the environmental management industry. EWMI brings awareness to this movement by determining if certain wastes can be repurposed as a valuable commodity. When beneficially reused with reclamation, spent materials are exempt from solid-waste requirements. Certain facilities can reuse byproducts or waste materials, this will help slow the growth of landfills.

Are you looking for ways to avoid landfills and promote sustainable options in your company? EWMI can implement this by creating and managing beneficial reuse programs taking your waste streams and using them in other manufacturing process.

What types of waste can be reused?

  • Certain waste streams that are disposed can be used to generate power.
    • Non-RCRA solids can be used as fuels in (WTE) waste to energy plants to produce steam for electricity
    • Food grade, glycol, alcohol-based waste streams can be used to produce biogas for the generation of electricity.
  • Certain Solvent waste streams can be distilled and reused as product.
  • Precious metals can be reclaimed.
    • Waste Zinc, Nickel, Titanium powders
    • Filter cakes with >10% Chromium, Zinc, Nickel
    • Waste Waters with > 10% Chromium, Zinc, Nickel
  • Waste Acids & Caustics.
    • Iron bearing acids can be utilized in the wastewater treatment industry.
    • Iron is also recyclable for use in other manufacturing processes.
    • High concentration sulfuric acids can be regenerated for the use in the oil & gas industry
    • Sodium hydroxide can be utilized in the wastewater treatment industry.
    • Sodium hydroxide can be used as scrubber replacement solution.
    • All the above options take the streams off RCRA reporting, and manifesting.

What companies can implement beneficial reuse into their disposal plans?

We are eager to help any company reduce waste volumes and program costs by reusing materials in a beneficial manner to eliminate waste. EWMI works closely with manufactures to make sure excessive waste is disposed of in the most ecofriendly way.

Brewing Beneficial Reuse
Agricultural Reuse
Manufacturing Beneficial Reuse
  • Construction Companies
  • Paint & Coatings Manufactures
  • Breweries
  • Agricultural & Pet Food
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies

Contact EWMI today to find out what new disposal outlets we can find for your company.