When hazardous or impacted soil requires remediation, there’s only one environmental management partner for the job – Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. Our turnkey soil services provide peace of mind for clients dealing with soil remediation jobs.

This year, the EWMI team capped an impacted soil site in Delaware. Read on to learn about the expertise and value-added benefits that EWMI brought to the job.

The Challenge: Contaminated Soil

Chemical wood treatment at a former lumber yard had contaminated soils over 46,000 square feet of wooded land. The soil was contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH), arsenic and hexavalent chrome and required quick and safe remediation.

The client chose EWMI for our cost-competitive bid, expertise in the soil remediation industry and ability to complete the job in less than one month.

The Solution: Turnkey Soil Remediation Solutions

Well-versed in the details of soil remediation projects, EWMI came on site and got to work. After clearing and grubbing the wooded area, our demolition team took down a large pole barn in the middle of the site. EWMI handled all these tasks on-time and on-budget before beginning excavation and capping.

After the land was safely cleared, the EWMI team targeted contaminated hotspots, then excavated and relocated over 900 tons of the contaminated soil to the consolidation area to be capped with existing impacted soils.

Once the soil was consolidated, EWMI and a licensed capping contractor covered the land with drainage composite and geosynthetic clay. EWMI then transported over 6,000 tons of clean soil from a neighboring property to provide the required 24-inch cover soil. 

The capped area will be used as green space for future generations.

Soil Remediation with Ease

EWMI was selected for this remediation job for the following reasons:

  • Our turnkey services allowed EWMI to self-perform all the tasks on the jobsite (excluding liner installation) simplifying project management for the client.
  • EWMI provided a cost-competitive bid that benefitted the client’s bottom line.
  • With safety as a core value, the EWMI team worked 1,363 hours without any incident on the jobsite.

EWMI makes any environmental management job easy – whether it’s soil remediation, disposal of metal powders or restoring a wetland, our team takes your complex problems and makes them simple.